Motorola Flagships’ Green Vertical Line Display Issue: Solutions

Motorola’s flagship devices occasionally encounter a vexing green vertical line display problem. While it doesn’t disrupt device functionality, the unsightly colored streak can be bothersome during gaming and video streaming.

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Understanding the Motorola Green Line: This prevalent green line display issue affects numerous Android phones. Complaints have emerged from Motorola users, particularly those with Motorola G52 and Edge 30 devices, reporting sporadic green lines appearing in various markets.

User Experiences: Users have taken to Twitter to express dissatisfaction with unexpected green lines stretching from the top to the bottom of their displays. Some claim that these lines appear without any physical damage or water exposure. A few users attribute the problem to software updates.

Addressing the Issue: Unfortunately, the only way to fix the green line issue is to replace the display, as there is no user-level software fix.

How to Fix Motorola Green Line on Screen – Possible Solutions:

  • Restart: If you suspect software-related factors, try restarting your phone after encountering the green line. If this doesn’t work, consider seeking Motorola’s service centre assistance.
  • Warranty Coverage: Under warranty and devoid of external damage, your device might qualify for free hardware repair.
  • Beyond Warranty: Similar to other manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, Motorola may extend assistance for out-of-warranty devices displaying this issue due to a hardware defect.

Expectations: Affected users hope for potential replacement options from Motorola. Addressing the green line problem on devices like Motorola G52 and Edge 30 is crucial.

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