My Realme Phone Is Lagging After The Realme UI Update – Fixes

Has your Realme phone started stuttering and lagging after upgrading to the latest Realme UI update? You’re not alone. While major Android updates aim to add useful features, they can also introduce pesky bugs.

Quick Summary

Many Indian Realme users have reported irritating lag and stutters after updating to the latest Realme UI 4 software based on Android 13. If your Realme phone is feeling sluggish, there are a few troubleshooting tips to help restore smooth performance.

To start, simply restart your phone which clears temporary glitches that may be slowing things down. Also ensure you have sufficient internal storage free – near full capacity causes lag over time.

Be sure to regularly close inactive background apps as well, as too many can overload the phone’s processors and RAM which leads to choppiness. Letting your Realme overheat will also result in throttled speeds, so proactively cool it if gaming or streaming videos.

Lowering the display refresh rate can also help weaker hardware cope better in cases of lag. And if issues continue despite these efforts, performing a factory reset may resolve persistent software bugs plaguing performance.

While updates aim to improve the user experience, software flaws inevitably slip through initial testing. Thankfully Realme issues updates to address bugs specifically causing lags or crashes. So do keep an eye out for future OTA updates targeting performance improvements.

With some focused troubleshooting, you can get your laggy Realme back up to peak speed and smoothness in no time! Let us know which tricks worked best for your device.

How to Fix Realme Phone Lagging After Update

Let’s run through some troubleshooting steps to smooth out that choppy performance on your Realme.

Restart Your Device

popup menu to restart or to power off realme phone

An easy first step is simply powering down and rebooting your Realme. This clears temporary glitches and gives a fresh start.

Free Up Storage Space

Ensuring you have ample leftover internal storage can work wonders too. Near capacity levels causes slowdowns, so delete unneeded files using the File Manager.

Close Background Apps

Apps running in the background, especially graphically-intensive ones, sap system resources that could instead power buttery navigation. Regularly close inactive apps in the recent view.

Prevent Overheating

Letting your Realme overheat from gaming or extensive video streaming limits its performance ceiling. Be proactive about cooling it down to maximize snappiness.

Lower Refresh Rate

You can ease off the GPU and CPU by reducing the screen refresh rate to 60hz or allowing it to adjust dynamically. This lightens the load.

Factory Reset

If lag persists through these efforts, the nuclear option of completely erasing and resetting your Realme could resolve stubborn software glitches. Back up data first!

While bugs that slip through testing can initially bog down devices, Realme issues periodic patches addressing major problems. So stay vigilant for OTA updates as well.

With a few targeted tweaks, you’ll have that buttery realme smoothness back in no time after updating.

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