How to edit WhatsApp sent messages with a new feature

Learn how to edit WhatsApp messages after they're sent. Avoid confusion and mistakes by fixing typos with simple steps on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac.
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Discover how to quickly correct typos and errors in your WhatsApp messages after they have been sent. WhatsApp now offers an editing feature, allowing users to make corrections and avoid confusion conveniently. We’ll guide you through the process whether you’re using Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac.

Editing WhatsApp Messages: Requirements

To use the editing feature effectively, ensure that you meet the following requirements:

  • Install the latest version of WhatsApp on your device (iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac).
  • The recipient should also have the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • You can edit messages within 15 minutes of sending them.
  • Editing can only be done from the device the message was sent from.

How to Edit WhatsApp Messages on Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac

We provide step-by-step instructions for editing WhatsApp messages on different devices.

Editing WhatsApp Message Text on Android

option to edit texts on whatsapp on app
edited whatsapp texts on whatsapp
  • Long-press the message you want to edit.
  • Tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  • Select “Edit” and make your changes.
  • Confirm the edited message by tapping the checkmark.
  • Editing on iPhone:
  • Long-press the message you want to edit.
  • Tap “Edit” from the floating menu.
  • Type your new message and tap the checkmark.

How to Editing WhatsApp sent Messages or texts on Windows:

  • Right-click on the message in the WhatsApp desktop app.
  • Select “Edit” and make your modifications.
  • Confirm the changes by clicking the checkmark.

How to Edit Sent Texts or Messages WhatsApp on Mac

  • Right-click on the message in the WhatsApp Mac app.
  • Select “Edit” and make the necessary changes.
  • Confirm the edited message by clicking the checkmark.

Important Notes: 

WhatsApp has some limitations when editing messages.

  • You can only edit one message at a time.
  • After editing, the recipient won’t see the original message.
  • Message history cannot be viewed after editing.
  • The editing feature is available in personal chats and groups, not WhatsApp Community announcement groups.
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Save yourself from embarrassing moments by utilising WhatsApp’s editing feature to fix typos and errors in your sent messages. Follow our instructions based on your device to edit messages on Android, iPhone, Windows, or Mac.

Enjoy the convenience of making quick corrections without leaving any trace. Keep an eye out for more exciting privacy features recently introduced by WhatsApp in 2023, and explore our WhatsApp privacy tips and tricks to protect your account from unwanted attention.

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